BB_praise-images_annaI have known Lyn Blanc-Carpenter for almost 25 years in the healing realm. I am so excited that she is stepping out, with a very defined purpose, to support women to create joyful, passionate and abundant lives. Lyn lives that life and is one of the most passionate people I know. She is someone who walks her talk – she won’t ask us to do anything she hasn’t already done herself.   I have found in my own life that the most effective teachers are the ones who teach from their own experiences and their own vulnerabilities. Lyn is that kind of teacher. She is a very bright light who loves humanity, and does it with an authentic and open heart. Being in the presence of Lyn, whether physically or spiritually, is to be in the presence of pure love. I will take any and all classes/teachings that she offers as I continue the life long journey of healing and awakening.

Anne Heartsong –

BB_praise-images_donnaWhen I read testimonials it is because I am desiring to find something that I can connect to or with about a person or a subject. Something that says “Yes, that is how I want to feel, do, experience etc.”  So let me share with your my amazing journey with Lyn.

Lyn and I first met 18 years a go on a wonderful “High Spirited Women’s Retreat”. We quickly became treasured friends connecting on our desires to grow our lives.  Soon we were:

1 -healing our limiting beliefs that were causing us daily anxieties. ( between us we had so many)

2 -developing a loving understanding for our life story and ridding ourselves of our doubts and shame. (Boy did we have critical mind sets)

3 -embrace an open heart for ourselves, our interests and desires so that we could discover and create our talents and lead a loving intention driven life with our families. (Giving ourselves permission to explore our interests/talents was like prospecting for gold nuggets)

Best of all we are still doing it!  We will not give up this creative, abundantly loving, life style.  Each year brings new intentions, new self-awareness and healing that comes with ease because we live each day with a heart felt compassion for who we are and all we want to share with the world. Our marriages have benefited from this journey. Our children’s lives have been enriched and now our grandchildren are sharing the joys of these lessons.

If you have a desire to explore any one or all of the life elements I mentioned above, then do sign up with Lyn. Lyn will help you circle yourself in love during the experience, cheer you on through each new beginning, create exciting intentions and claim all that is good, right, wonderful and available in your life. She has the life changing experience, the excellent skill sets to understand and guide your journey and she is a vision of all that this course can bring.  She will be your BEST mentor/guide through Beautifully Blissed. I believe you will rate your experience a 5 star choice.

Donna Kempt, Wedding Officiant and Celebrant

BB_praise-images_pamelaOne of the best qualities of a great coach is a person capable of lifting themselves out of negativity from the past and creating a joyous life. Lyn has done just that, while she is well aware of her past, she doesn’t focus on it. Lyn has chosen to refocus on the wonderful family and life she presently enjoys. Her enthusiasm to help empower others to use the Law of Attraction to create their own wonderful lives is obvious in the level of enthusiasm she shares with others. Lyn would be a perfect choice to release the past and regain your power to have the life you have always deserved!

Pamela Thompson, Certified Hypnotist & EFT Expert –

BB_praise-images_laroaLyn is one of the most authentic and compassionate individuals you will ever have the pleasure of knowing! Her deep commitment to her own spiritual journey and her vulnerability to share her lessons learned has helped me find the courage to walk my path bravely with self love and commitment to my soul’s highest good. I met Lyn when she and her husband started and facilitated a Committed Couples group. In the over 12 years I have known her, Lyn has held me in Love and Light and has kept sacred space for me as I went through many challenges in my career, my relationship, and my own personal demons of self-doubt and self-sabotage. She was always there to remind me of my own self-worth and inner wisdom. I know she will be a blessing to you as she has been to me!

Elaine Laroa